Come to Peace

i near both an end and a beginning,
bearing glimpses of learned experiences.
give prayerful meditation to this place-
its very life and those which possess it.
if love is a fearless and compassionate reconciliation to injustice,
then we must ask our measure.
as all is in its space,
come to peace.

The Special Light of a Friend

Countless miles and minutes do not diminish the moments or meaning. Much has passed, but, too, there is much ahead for you. If i am anything, then allow me to be grateful.

Where Have we Fixed our Eyes

Earth spins.

Its inter-dimemsional axis slow and methodical.

Some falsely claim prophecies manipulated and scripted by their own hands and mouths. Concerned about followers and the wine glasses of self righteous indignation. “Let me cling to your body…. i can put the Truth down and discard it for just a moment to sip from this cup. Just this little piece of my Soul, ME, that nobody else will know is exchanged ….” We don’t get it back or any of those other fragments. Turning our backs on prayers and callings we’re too afraid to answer. Victims of our self inflicted insecurity and obstinate stubbornness. Ego. To curse those who have blessed us and even such isolated tears of prayers. Stuck to this karmic spider web not realizing we are also the spider. Knowledge gets passed off for cheap wisdom, pontificating the material conspiracies. Have you lived your life, because that’s what it is to live? Or have you constructed a makeshift cross to uplift yourself as a false martyr hoping that people will celebrate you? Ask what we do to ourselves? We’ll tell anybody who will listen about the things people have done to us and what we’ve done for them, but seldom of those self inflicted marks….the ones of not believing enough in what has been instilled in us. our deceit because of those who deceived us. Should we conspire to write our own fables, then are we not participants?

The Earth spins. Slowly and methodically. We can’t seem to do anything to understand it or where it’s supposed to lead us. There is no Self without Faith… Possibility without Hope and Trust.

A Safe Place to Dance

A second year i send energy and prayer to you. We have a date in common and i give thanks to the gift whom you still may not yet understand. Wherever they go i pray Light. To your resting soul, though i am a stranger i bid peace unto you, trusting somehow you watch over those steps. Be well. Be redeemed. Be Light. Find a safe dreaming place to dance.

If i Could Speak With What is Human

If we speak with each other, then would you listen? My words can only be sincere. Would your ears be the same, relinquishing heart and ego? Where lies your peace? Do you, in heart and conscience, stand in the clear mirror of Truth? It isn’t that equality exists between simply bodies, but individuals. Can you speak that if you are balanced, in peace, with yourself that you would judge, placate, and oppress others? That you would put materials and manipulated ideas before the inhabitants of this Earth? That you would put hatred before love; currency before compassion, and self righteous indignation before all nations? The innocent are suffering mercilessly at the whims of the ignorant. Not their own hands, because they are too fearful to lift them, unless it is to point the finger and the very created ghosts that ever so haunt, or even to praise themselves. Do you see the red on those hands, lips and minds. Do you feel the emptiness that resonates from each part of your soul that you have sold for offices, pulpits, and stages….all temporary things forged by hands just alike? i see this plague, born out of much more dire things. The plagues of the ego…..its greed, deceit, and unending sorrow. Many pass from this realm into the next, but nothing in hand is carried. Only the weight of our hearts….the weight of their hearts. This is the same from generation to generation. If i could speak with what is human, then i would listen in return, and to ask what we would tell Eternity?

Compassion Through the Illness

i see the illness from you.
praying you well.
believing you well.
giving peace to you.
sometimes light for those struggling in the darkness is their darkness.
sometimes the sick cannot receive the medicine offered.

i trust in compassion through the illness.

What’s Written

Somehow you’re supposed to let a part of me down,

but i won’t find disappointment;

only the choice to move and forgive.

i’ve reached without the fatigue,

only to dismiss being taken for granted.

who am i to you;

but a lesson you weren’t able to understand.

who are you to me,

but a reflection of my growth.

A Prayer Offering

Prayers come like the drops of rain to bless an oft familiar soil. Sometimes we’re too beautiful to be here. There’s another place meant for us. i believe in a peace that dissipates resistance. Something that doesn’t create the desires that haunt humanity. Something more Divine that was already instilled in us before we lose ourselves.

Before my Sorrows

Tears have fallen weeks before my sorrow.

The flood has come without concern of what lies ahead.

My peace before those storm clouds find the horizon.

i’ve found the light of faith before adversity.

If i am to trust that all will be well,

then i choose to do well in the mean time.

My head is bowed believing that the solitary season is one of understanding.

i find the still quiet silence,

because my days soon end.

My Last Heartache

beat slowly.
fading drum into a night that will never resolve into the dawn.
moon, stars, and Heaven’s ether weep in long lasting lament.
i whisper the name of a love i prayed to know.
maybe the angels rested only to find me left alone.
would this time that they please cast off exhausted heart and lead me home.